Self Guided Day Trip to Fort Seward in Haines Alaska

Fort Seward starts right at the dock and unfolds for you as you walk up the street with several art shops and local businesses where producers and artisans are in their own shops. Three great local restaurants are right here to help make your visit more enjoyable.

Fort Seward was the first permanent army fort built in Alaska in 1904 as a peacekeeping fort - keeping the peace between settlers, miners, Natives, and fish canneries, as well as with the Canadians.  From looking at the Fort buildings from the perspective of the people of the day, you could see that the US meant business.  The fort was purchased by a group of World War II veterans whose vision was to make an arts center in Alaska.  To a great extent they succeeded as they were instrumental in reviving Native art and totem carving and creating a visitor attraction.  

All around the Fort are photographic glimpses and stories of the early days of the lives of the soldiers at Fort Seward. Top of the Parade Field is Officers Row and below the enlisted men’s Barracks Building still stands.  The building is, however, in serious need of repair starting with a roof replacement.  The Barracks building is being transferred to Non - Profit status and is accepting pledges for renovation funds  to help make it into a home for our local art school - "Fort Seward Innovations." Today many artists and artisans live and work in Fort Seward.  You can meet them as you explore Fort Seward.